About us

AT APEX we understand that each of our customers is unique and has their own tastes when it comes to the decor for their home or offices that we closely with you to understand your individual needs either its styles, fabrics or colors. we have our own factory uses high universal technology in production and the latest universal machines, the industrial experience has a big history that exceeded 50 years.


Our History

The company was established by Mr. Ahmed Abdel Fattah Ibrahim he started from the scratch and he was very optimistic and hard worker

He started to work from year 1940 as he was working in a factory called Pontremoli.
Pontremoli Company Profile now adays is written in it eighty –years- of-experience-old. Pontremoli its working vision is to protect the classy art of extinction actively seeking effort to continue its mission amid the rubble of obstacles to
keep the beauty and lasts houses in Egypt and enjoying the Egyptians and the world.

He left his workshop opened and he travelled to Kuwait in year 1952. there¡ he met a Professional engineer his name was “ Osman Ahmed Osman”, he worked with him in Some projects and one from this projects is salimya city in kuwait and he learned There a lot of experiences there.

In this past years of experience, Mr.Ahmed Abd El Fattah learned a lot, his experience was mainly in the two fields (Furniture, wooden work and General contracting). After he worked in various projects in general contracting and furniture wooden work he planned to open a new bigger and more professional factory, and which was the second and new one.  Its location is in the Abassia Industrial zone till now  and this factory established in year 1971.

He decided to be specialized in wooden furniture,in addition to gates,floors,Arabic Carpentr and oriels.Since development is essential for continuity, the management's strategy is  focused on development.

Since improvement in everything is a part from the development, Ahmed Abd Al Fattah Sons company decided  to change the name and the style of the furniture that suits the majority of the  Egyptian houses.They selected a new name in 2005 which is "APEX."